Monday, July 23, 2012

Here we go again...

If you've stumbled upon this little gem CONGRATS! You are in for a treat, or not. I suppose that opinion depends on what you find "blog worthy." Regardless, if you are reading this I think you are indeed fabulous. I started this shenanigan in 2008, it is now 2012. That may be a foreshadow to what this blog will hold in the future. Possibly nothing...OR maybe it is the rare treat you've been looking for, like the mysterious Pot O' Gold at the end of the rainbow!

Me in a nutshell right? My name is Christina. I am (in chronological order) a Daughter, Sister, Christian, Friend, Wife, Mother, Wanna be Chef, Knock off version of a Philosopher, Marathon Runner, Nurse,Social network addict, WPW warrior (that's a post entirely in itself). I am a lot of random things including babbler, procrastinator, dreamer, brutally honest, up-lifter, Coffee-holic (CA meetings anyone?), LSU and Saints fan, positive Polly, hopeless romantic, movie junkie, book worm to the core, lover of laughter, wanna be saver of the world. All things medical make me smile. (Yeah that last part is kind of creepy) I am me and me is quite alright.

So prepare yourself to be bombarded with random quotes of my daughters. There will be an overflow of pictures and stories of family adventures. Some of which may end up in laughter, or disaster. I may vent a frustration from time to time. There's a pretty good chance I'll come up with some mad concoction on how I can save the world, fair warning. I'll share stories that warm my heart, and yours, about my patients (break out the Kleenex when you see it's one of those). I will post random word vomit of all sorts based on what I am currently feeling at any unspecified moment. I like quotes and cheesey quote icons. I love music. You will be submitted to the previously mentioned more often than not. I am a culinary master, well at least in my own kitchen. You may gain weight by just looking at my food pictures. I'm terrible at following an actual recipe so don't get to frightened. I'd never be able to explain how I cooked it anyways. I look forward to sharing the perfectly designed masterpiece of craziness that is my life.

Hopefully I can figure out a way to sort all the random topics into a nice little nifty blog. Until then this will remain a cluster of chaos. Which is most likely how it will stay. This is all pending on me actually keeping up with my blog this time. Only time will tell.